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The microfiber towel Bravatowels It is the perfect gift for any beach or pool lover, to practice yoga or meditation. Made in Spain with 100% recycled materials, mainly plastic bottles, it is an ecological and responsible option. In addition, its innovative fabric repels sand, making it ideal for enjoying the sun and the sea without worries. With a size of 160cm x 90cm, it is perfect for anyone and its quick drying, 3 times faster than a normal towel, makes it a practical and comfortable option. Get a Bravatowels now !

Bravatowels, Microfiber towel

    • Ecological: All products are manufactured from 100% recycled post-consumer waste, mainly plastic bottles, transforming them into premium quality polyester fibers.
    • Anti-sand: Our innovative fabric repels sand.
    • Ideal size: 160cm x 90cm. Good for everything!
    • Fast dry: 3 times faster than a normal towel.
    • Antibacterial: The fabric Brava HighTechPrevents the reproduction of bacteria on towels.
    • Compact and ultralight: Fits perfectly in your backpack or bag.
    • Double-sided printing
    • Bravatowels
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