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The adventure started in April 2009 ....
The name???
Because you will find a variety of artisan products from Mallorca, island guides, as well as household items and decoration.

Hello everyone,

I'm Stéphanie, allias Stephie.

For more than 20 years, I have been very lucky to live in Mallorca. I have had several jobs related to tourism. Otherwise, I still am since the clientele of my business is international. I love this mix of cultures, being able to speak and be in contact with people from different places. It was one of the reasons why I chose to stay and live on this wonderful island.


The store   ???

I had long time this idea in my mind.

The details, the decoration, the local crafts ... I have always liked them very much.

In a way I try to search and find special items for all audiences:

- for my local clientele, original gifts

- for tourists, different memories of your holidays

I'm very happy to:

- Have realized my "dream"

- See you again year after year.

So I say to all of you : Welcome to everyone, a pleasure to serve you !!!!


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