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Discover the handmade soaps Panambi made in Mallorca! These soaps are made from natural oil bases and incorporate local, organically produced herbs, such as lavender flowers, natural rosemary, rose petals or Aloe gel. Panambí Soaps are not only beneficial for your skin, they are also environmentally friendly, since their packaging is compostable. In addition, they are free of detergents and chemical preservatives, making them ideal for sensitive skin. Enjoy the experience of taking care of your skin with natural ingredients while supporting local production in Mallorca. Perfect as a gift for your loved ones.

Artisan soap made in Mallorca

    • MATERIALS / OBSERVATIONS: Opaque base of vegetable oils without added chemical detergent.
    • MEASUREMENTS AND WEIGHT: Rectangular tablet 8cm long x 4cm wide and 2cm high, weight 100g
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